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AD-Tech design flexible systems for arc welding and laser welding of the body simple elements, but even for the various variante of complete bodies ( body-in-white) for the Automotive Industry. These technological lines are complete automated, all of the operations begin performed by the industrial robots.

The designing process consist of a phase succession:

1. The investigation of the spots welding distribution
2. The establishment and placing of the work cells
3. The designing and verifying of the fastening devices for body elements
4. The establishment of the work cycle
5. The investigation of a cycle period
6. The Robots OFF-LINE programming


The itself devices designing demanding the performing of a hundreds of 2D drawings for the fabrication preparation. Between the 3D concept phase and the performing launching phase is required the Process Simulation with RobCAD. RobCAD allows the designing, simulation, analyse and OFF-LINE programming of the automated and robotizated fabrication. Instantaneity offers a platform for the process improving and the cycle period calculation. RobCAD comes with a strong specific application for a large processes gamut such as: spots welding, arc welding, laser welding, cutting with water jet, drilling, riveting operations. During the production process, helps the users to improve the drilling process by the costs decreasing, quality increasing and decreasing of the period necessary for the product to become available on the market.

Why AD-Tech has to set up places for the Processes Simulation ?

1) The necessity to undertake complete designing parcels
The request came from the clients. The quality of the AD-Tech servicies lead our clients to offer us this opportunity to undertake complete parcels of projects: 3D Modelling, Processes Simulations, 2D Detailing, Bill of materials.

2) Self-development of the designing capacity
By setting up the simulation places, AD-Tech wants the improvement of the capability and the development of the designing capacity with at least 30%.