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software family solutions that cover all product design related features: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), are offering functions for product designing and management support.

Provides solutions for the following main fields:

Mechanical design:
- functions for solid items modelling, hybrid modelling, sheet pieces design, assembly modelling and drawing engineering.

"Style"-Shapes and surface modelling:
- instruments to create, validate and modify efficiently any kind of surfaces (free / style, mechanical structure / resistance).

Product synthesis:
Knowledgeware: the transformation of implicit methods into explicit knowledge in order to maximize the design, automation and data validity of design and manufacturing the efficient capture and reutilization of the organizations' technical culture during all the products' life cycle.
DMU: instruments for visualization, navigation, checking and simulation of the digital prototypes and technical data on any level of complexity.

Equipements and systems engineering:
product set wich allows for simultaneous design and mechanical, electrical and fluid transport integration into a single assembly, therefor maximizing the technological spaces.

- fast analysis and design iteration in CAD-FEA common environment, optimum design through the capture and study of its parameters and the analysis of a great deal of behavior and dimensioning data related to the quotas and ensembles starting from the project's beginning.

- products which allow for the planning, detailling, simulation and maximization of the machining activities to in order to obtain high end quality products.

Moreover, the open arhitecture of Catia V5 applications parcel, allows for a great number of Dassault Systemes partner companies to develop and offer specialized applications which target specific requirements.